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March 08, 2006



Just wanted to say I've really been enjoying your podcast. I don't make a lot of jewlery and when I do it's mostly beading but I did learn a little bit of silver smithing years ago, and this podcast has been reminding me how fun that work can be! Anyhow, I love to listen to pod casts while I craft, and I've really been enjoying this one, so thanks!


I just found out about this podcast, and I really didn't think that it would hold my interest. I am huge into fiber arts, but decided to download some episodes anyway. I LOVE your show. I knit or work out or feed my baby while I listen. You make this show very interesting, even for someone who does different crafts!

I am intrigued by the embroidered doll story in the previous episode. What is the website URL that has the pattern?

Your soundscape tour was hilarious. I had to play it for my husband. =) What a great idea -- I hope you include more of those!

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