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July 11, 2007



What about sewing a pin back on one? Then you could wear it on a coat lapel. But, I like the firg magnets too. For me, these are just too big for beads (though just my personal taste there).


love them! I would make them into a necklace. Maybe do a rosary type with big bright beads. very summery.
I'm a big fan of the needle felting and beading. here are some seashells that I made last year: http://flickr.com/photos/51423372@N00/686704677/



Oooh! Those are delicious! They'd be perfect buttons on a dressy-fun sweater. I have just the sweater for them and now I know what I need to be makin'!

ece malkoc

hello Candie,
they really look like fresh and delicious.they perfectly match with my bags and i will make necklace.nice job!

i have your book"felted jewelry" and love it.the necklace on the cover is my favourite....
Ece from Turkey


Another thought, they would make really cute buttons for a tote bag. Perhaps with some fruity fabric and a ribbon loop around it?

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