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August 15, 2007



Hi. You have a picture of a piece of toast that you crafted that I love and would love to use the picture on my 2 blogs which I have named modtoast. I am writing to ask if it would be ok if I borrowed your picture to use in a banner at the top of my blogs page. It's the picture which says "Peace of Toast, Candie Cooper 2007", underneath the picture.
I have been searching for days all over the internet and your picture is the only one that caught my eye and would be a perfect fit for my blogs title, modtoast.
I understand if you would rather I didn't.
If you do, I would add your link to my blog with a mention.
Please let me know, so I can continue my search if not. I have included my email where you can reach me.
Thanks so much for your time.

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