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December 20, 2007


Kriss Cramer

Very pretty! I love looking through my ornaments each year. They are from childhood, both bought and handmade, through all the years. Merry Christmas!


Oh those are nice memories. I don't really have my own Christmas tree tradition, but I do still enjoy my parent's. My mom takes pride in her Christmas trees.

A few years ago, she decided she wanted to do a new small tree in addition to the traditional big tree. My mom collects peacocks and it is her personal symbol, so her new tree is all peacock colors and feathers and birds and butterflies! And its all new ornaments, we get her new ones each year.

She eventually stopped putting up the old traditional tree and now just does the peacock one. And it makes her happy, so I am happy, but one of these years I am going to make her get out the boxes of old ornaments, at least so we can go through them and remember the good ole days...

Linda Augsburg

This year, I only put up ornaments that meant something to me (and not all of those even, because the tree got full, except in the corner where I couldn't reach). It's all about the memories for me too. So I love the picture ornament!

Thanks Candie. Have a lovely Christmas. I'll be thinking of you!

Hali Chambers

LOVE the ornament AND what a thoughtful (and thought-provoking) Christmas essay. SO SWEET! THANKS! :-) H.
P.S. Nothing says Christmas like a beer-swilling Santa! ;-)

Cindy Gimbrone

What a special ornament! The plaid frame brings back memories! Nicely done!

Cindy Gimbrone

What a special ornament! The plaid frame brings back memories! Nicely done!


What a nice story - that type of ornament is definitely the best. (My mother has one that reminds me why I'll never wear bell bottoms again...) Thanks so much for Ornament Thursday - it's been so much fun to participate! Merry Christmas!


Candie... thanks for sharing this!

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