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May 02, 2008


katie hacker

I love the charm action on the end. Did I already recommend The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch? It's a good read.


Love the bookmark. Makes me want to read something. Max says hi to Rocker.

Hannah Braun-Allen


I love the book markers, I've been seeing these everywhere. I've been trying to find the wide crimps for the end of the ribbon. What are they called noone seems to know what I'm talking about when I describe them. Thank you again for the cute ideas.


Candie Cooper

Hi Hannah!
Thanks for the note... The end findings have a lot of names it seems. Here's a link to some at Ornamentea.com:

Scroll down to where it says crimps and endbars and there are a few options depending on what width your ribbon is. I hope this helps! :-) Candie

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