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June 04, 2008


Sister Diane

Loved this post! I remember fry bread and honey very fondly from my Grand Canyon days, too. We also used to do the "Navajo Taco," which was fry bread heaped with assorted taco fixings. Amazing.

Who'd have thought the making would be so challenging? And - indie cooking shows on YouTube?! What?! Where??

lauren thompson

yeah you guys were really lucky on that trip.....;)!


Luv this post! Yum yum!! Not to change this wonderful subject - but I just came across a exciting FREE advertising site for anyone who is trying to promote "something" (anything). It's planetbuzz.com. You can create your own ad, and update it yourself - even post your own pix! It's free - - it's so exciting I feel I have to share it with the world. In this day and age this concept is a rarity, right???? Can't wait for your next topic on your great site! It's armchair travelling at it's finest!!!

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