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June 11, 2008



How fun!


May I please have a red one? I love you and missing you.
And please tell me if you get this note.


I'm so cracking up you're wearing CROCs! I love those bracelets! Love, Me Please let me know too that you got this email, did you get your birthday card?


I spotted those bracelets in the first picture! And now Grandma has already called a red one. Oh well, I've been on a teal kick... We love that you're thinking of us! We love you.

Criss Cross

Sounds like your not going to have many things left after you get back to your family!

What are the prices of beads like over their?

Cheers X X X


O my, The comments really make us all
sound very greedy. I'm sorry, but show us
a great bunch of bangles and we go a little crazy.

olive lynn

Great haul! How do you choose?! I have to send my husband to Venice to get my beads because when I go I become paralyzed with indecision. I'd go nuts for sure there!


Wow! Great loot! Makes me want to run out to the nearest bead show!

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