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June 14, 2008


Sharon Henry

Wow, a tree that blooms jewelry - it's the perfect tree!!! I thought it was going to be another low priced local find of yours until I saw "Ikea". Now I'll just have to make a trip to Phili! :)

Jennifer Perkins

I too have these trees (and about a zillion other jewelry holders) and love them. Mine are bright yellow.


Wow. Very cool. I like your jewelry tree!


Hey, I have that same tree in yellow. It is great! You've got yours chocked full!


Hi there
I am selling 8 of those on ebay if somebody missed it. They dont sell them in the stores any longer...


I am selling 8 of those trees on ebay at the moment if somebody missed them. not longer in stores!
contact me on emma650120050 at hotmail com


i am selling some of those tree on ebay at the moment...emma

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great information, thanks for sharing it.
very interesting jewelery. Nice work!

Nancy Antoniou

Hi Emma, Are you still selling the tree-mendous jewellery stand from Ikea?
I am reall interested to get them

jewelry making

Wow! Awesome! These are really artistic and creative. i want to buy one from you.

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