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July 06, 2008


olive lynn

Wow. Huge life transition. Very best of luck to you. Sounds to me like Rocky will be just fine.


Well, you already know about transition. He'll love the Green Way in WL for walks though and you can stop for coffee along the way. All the best!


Wow, Candie, Congratulations!! You and darling Rocky will certainly be in my thoughts throughout the coming weeks!! I can't begin to imagine what an experience the next few weeks will be for you but I'm sure you both will do quite well! It's always such an ordeal coming back from another country after being gone for so long (my longest was a year in Brazil) but 3 years, oh my!! I wish you all the best and VERY safe travels!! hugs ~ Sharon


Safe travels, Candie! You and Rocker will have such a great time exploring US territory. And while I'm sure it is hard to leave cheap beads, you'll have so much fun being able to go to all of the bead shows here!
Safe travels!

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