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August 01, 2008



I love him!!!


Oh! He's just so adorable! I can relate to the nightly wakings though as our cat seems bent on announcing her presence no matter what the hour!


Was up with one of my mutts at 3 then 4 then finally by 5 I took him and his bro (who was also sawing logs out) for tinkies. Not sure why he had to go at that time of morning, very unusual, but of course, he went right back to sleep, and me? not so much.


Awwww, what a cutie.


This is the cutest pic. I am thoroughly of the persuasion that dogs should live as kings. My Finn certainly does! Ah, it's a dog's life!

I know you must miss Butch, but at least you have a good roomie!


For shizzle, kids! I'm pretty much in love with this dog....sigh. LOL

Barbe Saint John/Saints & Sinners®

oh he is sweet!! Bettie has a new boyfriend!

claudine hellmuth

he's such a cutie! has he been to the vet to have his spot checked. I am worried about this little guy. thank you for people like you for saving him!!

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