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September 18, 2008



How did you apply the envirotex lite to the surface of each tile? Did you use a paintbrush and paint it on as if it were something like a decoupage medium? Thanks for any info you can share.


I dipped the end of a paint brush in the Envirotex and then drizzled it on the middle of the tile. Easy does it, because it spreads out quite a bit. A paint brush works great for spreading it out to the edges. :-)

Fernando Dasilva



Sandy gustafson

Hi Candie,
I hope this finds you well, you have many fans and we are thinking of you!

How important is it that you laminate the art/stamp? Don't have that machine and need to know if I have to go and get it done.

Thanks for all you do!

Candie Cooper

Aw, thanks Sandy! Since I made this, I've discovered that packing tape seals up the image good enough too. You have to burnish the layers together with the back of a spoon, but it works! If you don't seal the paper, the envirotex saturates and makes it look a bit oily or blotchy depending on the kind of paper. Thanks again for the note!

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