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February 17, 2009


katie hacker

That is a great picture of you! And good post, too. Thanks for the shout-out, my friend. Glad you're here.

Sister Diane

Goodness! I had been wondering about you. I'm sorry to hear this news, but glad you have such a great support network. Life really does support healing. Sending you hugs.

Kris Tsang

I started reading your blog only since November last year. I liked it. Then, no more update for quite a while. Finally, you come back! I am sorry to hear about the news, and I understand it's not easy at all. But remember, you have so many of us here to give you support, OK?!


I am so glad you are back! I really enjoy reading your blog and I was beginning to worry. I saw a picture of you on Katie Hacker's blog, so I figured you were busy. I'm so sorry to hear about your news. I am sorry I don't have any words of wisdom for you, but it sounds like you have surrounded yourself with some great friends and a great family. Welcome back! When does your book come out?

Candie Cooper

Hey kiddos,

Thanks for the notes...you guys are great!

Julie, ummm, I don't know the exact due date for my book, but it's sometime this Spring. I can't wait! Thanks for askin'.


Liz Revit

Hi, Candie. Trust that things will definitely get better.

I just received my copy of the new book earrings, earrings, earrings! I love your project titled fabric love. You're so creative!

All the best,


Susan Kline

CANDI!!! Anne Lockard sent me your blog!! long time no see, hear, talk!! we must get together and play catch-up!!!! think of you often!!!!


You look fabulous, doll, and I know from our last visit that your head and heart are on the journey to healing, so that's good too. Here if you need me.

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