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February 19, 2010



Yay! That's so very exciting! Congratulations!!!! :)

Laura B

I can't wait to play around with the techniques in this book!

Sarah Grossman

I have not been able to put this book down since I received it...I'm awed not only by your talent, but also by your teaching ability. (Now if only I could scrape some money together to buy some [more] necessities and "nice-to-haves" -- not to mention the metals themselves!) I may end up pestering you with questions...especially now that you're on Facebook! -Sarah (aka Saire) http://paradoxjewelry.com


Hi, Candie. I got your book and I love it and the projects that are in there. I've never done metalworking before but I've been reading your book cover to cover to prepare for such a class I am hoping to get into this summer. I just love the metal and bead combination.


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