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May 11, 2010


Brenda Romine

ok...so I am definitely going to have to steal that idea and run with it!! Cute cute cute. If it involves modgepodge...I am on it!!!

Laura B.

Stir up? You crack me up!


What a GREAT idea! I'm making a bunch of them to hang my necklaces on.

Brenda Romine

hey craft lady! What a cute idea.....something else to do with an old spoon! I love it!!!

Carol Egbert

Clever idea!

sweets in bulk

Three steps forward .... Still, you know what they say about the man who never made a mistake! Keep going - you'll get there soon - and it's good to have some news again.

Mod Podge Amy

Candie, you are brilliant really.

Glenda Hart

OH I so have to make some of those.


This is soooooooo ingenious! I would never of thought!

Great idea and looks cute!

sterling silver gemstone rings

You are genius to think out such a great idea. I really love your handmade stuff.Thanks for sharing.

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