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April 04, 2012



Oh, Candie, I am longing to do something like this! Looks so stylish and there is so much to look at. Plus think of the lovely tinkley noises it would make on your arm... Thank you for sharing!I've got a couple old keys, some stray beads, some very funky bottle caps I could smash flat... Thank you for the inspiration!


thank you so much for the inspiration. I too have been wanting to make a charm bracelet for awhile. Today is the day!


Candie, I love to make jewelry! I am a twelve-year-old looking for some inspiration. I just picked up your Necklaceology book from Barnes & Noble and i think that those designs are amazing! I have already make the "Kiss the Bride" necklace, and all of my friends are offering me money for it! I'm fine in the necklace department, but I would love to have a bracelet book. "Braceletology". Can't you just imagine it? If you are not up to making a whole bracelet book, please e-mail me back some jewelry ideas and directions! Thanks! :)

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